On this webpage you'll find a lot of free stuff for your Neopet! Using the navigation bar on the left, you will easily reach free stuff, hidden places, games and lots of more. Have fun!

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Daily free

Get yourself a free jelly.
Only once a day.

Get yourself a free omelette.
Only once a day.

Get a free spin at the Fruit Machine.
Only once a day.

Each day you can grab a ticket.
When your number ends with a 0, 2 or 5, you win a price.

Do you have less than 3000 NP?
You can get a free cup of soup.

In need of NP?
At this page you will find some NP.

This fairy could give you a present or heal you.
Works every 30 minutes.

Go to the shrine and look what's happening.
Sometimes it's nothing, other times it'll do you right.

More for free

Guess the weight of this giant courgette
and win a prize.

Throw money down the pit and make a wish!

You will always find something under the Money Tree.
But be quick, before you're too late!

The rubbishdump is full of trash,
but you could find somehting useful!

Throw out your fishing rod, wait for a day and see what you've caught.
The often you fish, the better your catch!

Games of chance

Try to wake Turmaculus with your PetPet.
You might win a prize!

Try to steal something from the Snowager.
He sleeps between 6am - 7am, 2pm - 3pm en 10pm - 11pm NST.

Ga opzoek naar de verborgen schat.
Maar pas op: je Neopet kan gewond raken!

Probeer met je PetPet dit hol in te komen.
Als je geluk hebt, win je een prijs.

Wheel games

Wheel of Mediocrity (cost: 50 NP)
You could win a prize, or it could end in something nasty.

Wheel of Excitement (cost: 150 NP)
You could win up to 10,000 NP. But watch out: things could get stolen.

Wheel of Misfortune (cost: 100 NP)
It could give you a prize, or take something from you.

Wheel of Knowledge (cost: 500 NP)
Win prizes like books, Job Coupons, cheatcodes and more.

Wheel of Monotony (cost: 100 NP)
It could take a few hours before you win a prize. Be patient!


There are a lot of different Neopets avatars available. Usually you have to search for them, but we have them for you in just one click!

Click here for all the avatars. (Loading could take a while.)

Hidden places

Hidden Tower
Here you'll find weapons to strengthen your Neopets.

Draik Nest
Here you can hatch your rare Draik Egg.

Kiko Lake
Provides you with lots of nice shops.

Fungus Cave
Let your Krawk PetPet eat in this cave and look how it mutates.

Smugglers Cove
Spend your Dubloons for nice items.

Jelly World
Provides you lots of games and a Jelly Shop.

Discover a complete new piece of Neopia.


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